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RJD515-580型(BOPS)Automatic plastic thermoforming machine
  • RJD515-580型(BOPS)Automatic plastic thermoforming machine
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    It adopts the latest plastic heating forming technology workmanship to develop a kind of full automatic and high efficient plastic air pressure forming equipment.All the processes offorming heating,cutting,rolling can be finished one time,its periodic return of common production is 3-5seconds.(suitable for BOPS Environmental Model),PVC,HIPS,PET and other plastic material.It can be controlled by microcomputer(PLC) with the design of electromechanical integration,and also with three functions of manual,operation,semi-autonatic operationetc.in order to ensure its quality stable,pneumatic unit is imported the famous companies in Japan and Germany.

    Heating panel adopts premium alloy steel from Switzerland through special hardening to process,Rockwell hardness can reach 63 degree with permanent use.
    Automatic design preheating function can save auxiliary approximate 1 hour,it can increase spproximate 12% of production efficiency.

    It is widely used to produce and manufacture various one-time plastic container and other plastic prosucts.Such as ice-cream jar,yogurt,various can boxes,fried fruit caroon,chocolate box,box of cake,bos for fruit,frozen keeping fresh box for aquatic products,pharmaceutical box,toy box box for metal,garment as well las other various daily commodity etc.

    Forming Area580×515mm
    Forming Depth 100mm
    Max.sheet width650mm
    Thickness Range Of Sheet0.15-1mm
    Max.sheet  Roller Diameter710mm
    Max.Cutting length6350mm
    Air Pressure0.8Mpa
    Preheater Power4KW
    Mould Plate heating power4.8KW
    Heating Plate Power12KW
    Water Consumption10Liters/min 15-20°C
    Air Consumtion1200Liters/min